“There were so many ideas and concepts, invaluable information.”

“Wonderful session and excellent speaker.”

“I took more notes than in any other session.”

“Holly is a wonderful presenter. She has been my favorite speaker for the past 2 years.”

“Love Holly. She is so full of energy and great content.”

“Best presentation of the conference.”

    ~ Financial conference attendees

Holly brings to the table a lot of things people need to think about. And it was the idea of the lens, how do people see you vs. how do you see yourself. A lot of times you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. It’s very important to solicit that feedback. She really ends it with a very important and poignant question everyone needs to be asking. There were a lot of people writing down the question and thinking about the question.

The Credibility Lens attendees

My biggest takeaway from Holly’s talk was the power of conveying who you are, not just what’s in your head, but how you come across, the impression you make on others.

The Credibility Lens attendees

Holly took me on a rollercoaster. I was really identifying with her. She shared ways you can fix the problems by changing how people perceive you so you’re able to stand out and get what you want.

The Credibility Lens attendees

We have had Holly do main stage presentations with hundreds of financial professionals. Holly is fantastic to work with and has always proven to be a great partner. Holly is a great speaker who connects well with the audience.  She is able to give them tips and strategies to immediately change their interactions with women, whether as single (divorced or widowed) women or women as part of a couple (as the household decision maker).  As a by-product, we have seen an increase in our sales amongst the attendees

Both, male and female, advisors who have attended our workshops have given great feedback. Interestingly, advisors who have been in the business for many years (25+) have found as much value in it as have newer financial professionals. 

Suly Salazar-Layton

Genworth Financial

Thanks again for our relationship and for being such a valued partner! You’re the best Holly and this initiative couldn’t be where it is today for us without you. It represents one of the most significant initiatives that I have been a part of over these past 45 years

Mike Kochenour

President, York Traditions Bank

Thanks Holly.  It was a very well received presentation. I am looking for more places to bring you in to speak. I think your information is the most relevant of any one that we use. I like it because it is pertinent to every rep. (you can quote me on that).

Andy Martin

First Protective

Words cannot convey my true gratitude and appreciation for what you do for us. Your constant support, motivation, your thought-provoking questions and ‘being there’ for us always help us to move closer to our dream of scaling up Life & Money. I am and we are really lucky. Thank you so much for your generosity and partnership!

Partha Ivengar

CEO, Life & Money

I have worked with Holly Buchanan and have learned a great deal from her. Enjoy her style – she is a pleasing read. Most importantly embrace and incorporate her essential action steps into your practice.

Ron Seilback

Crump Life Insurance Services