Holly Buchanan is a popular speaker bringing a blend of humor, psychology, research, stories and real life examples to her engaging presentations.   She is known for specific actionable advice that attendees can apply to their own businesses and lives.   She is often invited back for follow up presentations due to high audience ratings.  

Holly is available for keynotes, interactive workshops, and follow-up training.

Holly can customize her presentations to specific audiences to make sure she is focusing on what is most important to attendees and their current situation.

Holly is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised To learn and the co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth. Her new book The Credibility Lens – How to Influence How Other People See You is in the works.

Areas of focus:

Financial Services, Healthcare, Professionals who need to win credibility and trust, marketing and selling to men vs. women

Holly specializes in:

  • Understanding the lens through which other people see us
  • How to win credibility
  • How professional women can win credibility with men
  • The differences in how you market and sell to men vs. women
  • The four different decision making styles and how you sell to each
  • Persuasive communication
  • Leadership of the future
  • Managing Millennials

Speaking Topics

Winning Credibility – How to Influence How People See You

How you win or lose credibility depends largely on the lens through which other people view you, your communication and your actions. If you want to influence how other people view you, you first need to understand the differences between how you see yourself and how others see you. There may be a disconnect that is costing you credibility and keeping you from closing more business. When you understand the lens through which people see you, you can gain more credibility, trust, and influence. In this seminar you’ll learn:  

  • The credibility lens – what it is and how it affects how people see you
  • How to understand the lens of your prospects, clients and anyone else you are trying to persuade
  • The four decision making styles and how you win and lose credibility with each
  • Stereotypes – why they are so dangerous and how to overcome them
  • Powerful questions that uncover the criteria on which you are being judged
  • Your blind spot – how to discover ways in which you are losing credibility and don’t even realize it

What Your Clients Are Actually Thinking

You are sitting across from a potential client. You are making your pitch. Is it working? How are they responding to what you are saying? What’s actually going on in their head? Whether you’re trying to attract new clients and customers, or retain the ones you have, you will gain an instant competitive advantage if you have a better read on what your clients are actually thinking and feeling. Here’s the problem, most clients aren’t completely forthright in their responses. They may tell you one thing, but do another. However, clients do give away clues as to whether they are responding positively or negatively to your communication.   When you can read those clues, you can be more effective at everything you do. You’ll learn:

  • How to read your client’s body language
  • Facial coding and how to see the emotions your clients can’t hide
  • The four decision making styles and how to deliver what each needs to win their trust and business
  • Differences in how to read men vs. women
  • Powerful questions that uncover the criteria on which you are actually being judged

NOTE: This seminar can also be co-presented by Holly Buchanan and Dan Hill – critically acclaimed author of Emotionomics and world-renowned facial coding expert.

Credibility – How to Work with and Sell to Men without Becoming One – for female audiences

While men and women buy many of the same products, they often have a different decision making process that affects their choices. The same goes for how they choose the professionals they hire and the colleagues they admire and promote.  

When a woman loses a sale to a man, the reason is almost always a lack of credibility.

In this interactive seminar Holly Buchanan shares proprietary research on how women gain and lose credibility when working with or selling to men. You’ll see common situations and how successful women have navigated them to win the sale and the confidence of both the male and female decision makers. You’ll learn:

  • How to share your credentials
  • Self-promotion that feels authentic, not like bragging
  • Effective communication styles
  • The body language of authority
  • Credibility killers
  • Insights into the minds of men from the “Guys Who Get It” panel – authentic feedback about how men perceive women

The Differences in Selling Financial Services to Men vs. Women

While men and women may buy the same financial products and services, they often have different criteria that affects their decision making. Research shows men and women can have different responses to marketing campaigns and sales techniques. And they often refer for different reasons. Things can get really tricky when you are working with couples with two different decision making styles. Financial professionals who understand these differences are more successful in their sales and marketing efforts.  You’ll learn:

  • The differences in how men and women make financial decisions
  • The factors that affect how men and women judge your credibility
  • How to determine what each spouse needs the most from you
  • Two financial personality styles and how to market and sell to each
  • The pros and cons of creating women-only marketing campaigns and events

Leading and Mentoring the Next Generation

There is a lot of talk about engaging employees. But is that what they really want? Or is it something else?   Whether you are managing teams or leading a company, there are specific traits and skills that make people effective leaders. Being an effective leader used to mean dictating your policies down the line to your subordinates. That’s no longer the case.   Being an effective leader today means combining a unique mix of skills including empathy, vision, mentoring and decisive action. In this seminar you’ll learn:

  • What your employees actually want from you (Hint: it isn’t to be engaged)
  • How to be a good mentor
  • Handling conflict
  • How knowing your purpose makes you a bolder leader
  • The differences in leading men vs. women
  • What Millennials want from leaders

Managing Millennials by Making Them Part of the Solution

Many companies are asking the question, “How do we handle Millennial workers? They seem so different from us. How do we integrate them into our workforce?” This puts the onus on companies and organizations to make positive changes.   Why not put the onus on Millennials to make the positive changes? Why not make them responsible? What if you made them come up with the solutions?

In this seminar you’ll learn how to create win/win situations with your Millennial workers.   Making them part of the solution is exactly what they want. Companies using this approach are seeing positive results with all of their workers.   In this seminar you’ll learn:

  • How to make Millennials accountable
  • How Millennials prefer to learn
  • How NOT to manage Millennials
  • How to tap into Millennials’ natural leadership traits
  • How to retain Millennial talent

How to Reduce Conflict and Win Respect by Using Verbal Aikido

What if you could handle workplace conflict in such a way that you could de-escalate any situation, reduce resistance, get positive outcomes and create win/win solutions?   That’s what Aikido is designed to do. This modern Japanese martial art and philosophy is based around the idea of blending with vs. pushing against your opponent. The goal of this martial arts practice is to defend yourself while also protecting your attacker from injury. Verbal Aikido is an incredibly powerful communication technique that can do the same thing. It allows you to resolve conflict without appearing defensive or aggressive. In this seminar you’ll learn:

  • How to handle challenges without appearing defensive or aggressive
  • How to reduce negativity and win respect
  • How to handle conflict in a way in which both parties feel heard and understood
  • How to not make the other person wrong
  • How to get the outcome you want

The power of humor

Women, Mentoring and Leadership – How to Be a More Effective Leader

Whether you are running a business or leading a company, there are specific traits and skills that make people effective leaders. Research shows women bring unique strengths but also face unique challenges as leaders. There are specific things women can do to increase credibility, attract mentors and mentor others to be more successful. This is more important than ever as the leadership styles of the past are being replaced by a need for leaders with broader skills that align well with the strengths women bring to the table and boardroom. In this seminar you’ll learn:

  • How to lead and motivate your staff (what your staff really wants from you)
  • The difference between being a mentor and a sponsor
  • Handling conflict
  • How to tap into your natural leadership skills
  • Why women can be so hard on other women
  • Tips on how to effectively lead men

Recruiting and Retaining Women – How to Recruit and Retain Top Female Talent

Right now there’s a tremendous demand in the financial industry for talented successful women, especially female financial advisors. Research shows companies with more diversity gain a competitive advantage.   Yet organizations continue to say, “We’d love to bring on more qualified women, we just don’t know where to find them.”

In this session Holly Buchanan shares tips and research from her work with financial companies on how to attract and retain top female talent.   We’ll talk about where you can find qualified female candidates. (They ARE out there).   And what really drives career satisfaction and loyalty. You’ll learn:

  • Secrets from top recruiters on what really works when recruiting female financial advisors
  • Direct feedback from female financial advisors on why they do and don’t move their practices
  • A powerful source of female talent you already have
  • What women really want from their career, their managers and their workplace (Hint: it’s more than work-life balance)

The recruiting process – what “qualifications” are you really looking for?